We're Partnering with Buffalo Cares

I am excited to announce that through the month of October, 40% of the proceeds of purchases through Ready 24 will be used to place a foster or shelter dog in a loving home. Even when I was starting Ready 24, I always had my dogs in mind. I have three dogs (two big dogs!) and I am constantly on the go with them. They are active, messy, slightly annoying sometimes and they LOVE tennis. Sounds pretty familiar, right? Well, they were a big inspiration behind my lifestyle skincare and I am glad I get the chance to give back to them. Here is a little background and story on the charity that I work closely with, A Lending Paw, and my love of animals.

I love animals, all sorts of animals but specifically dogs. I have seen the amazing affect it has on not just myself but many people. Dogs are never mad at you, (well sometimes if you see some funny memes on the internet) they don’t judge you, and they’re always happy to see you when you come home. Of course, we take care of dogs and love them like our own but the amazing thing is how dogs, somehow without speaking, are able to help us too. This interested me a lot and I began looking into service dogs.

(Jessie's dog, Tucker)

Service dogs are tricky, as there is no real governing body to over-look this. Anyone can claim their dog is a service dog without having to prove it (whether it is legitimate or not). Now service dogs are still the real deal, they are specifically trained to help a person who has a disability. This could be people who are deaf, visually impaired, suffer from PTSD, etc. A service dog can go to almost any public place as long as they are working and not misbehaving or being disruptive. Not a lot of places know these rules which can add even more stress to their owner. There are training services out there that will specifically find a dog to train and suit your needs or you can even train one yourself! I am sure you have seen a lot of stories about emotional support animals which are totally different. They have their time and place but are not specifically trained to help you, aren’t allowed in most public spaces, and almost any dog can qualify as one with a doctor’s note

Service animals are expensive to train, and take a lot of time. A Lending Paw wants to help pay these costs to train dogs for people who really need these service dogs to live their day to day lives. I have heard some amazing stories of dogs saving people from burning buildings who cannot see, or helping veterans return to normal life after suffering severe PTSD. Once you experience that love for a dog you will always understand that feeling of unconditional love. They really are man’s best friend and will become a part of your family and your life. I want everyone to have that feeling, especially ones who really need it, to help save someone’s life, to feel happy, and to have a best friend they can go through life with. A Lending Paw does not limit themselves to service dogs, they want to help pay adoption fees, help shelters, and raise overall awareness.

Through A Lending Paw, we will be donating these proceeds to the non-profit organization, Buffalo Cares. They are an organization dedicated primarily, but not limited to, the rescue of animals in the United States. They provide safe foster homes with veterinary care, training, socialization and support to develop a well-balanced family companion. We love giving back to organizations that care! (no pun intended)

I would love to hear your stories on how animals have helped you!