Welcome to Jessie's Blog!

Hi guys, welcoming you to my new monthly blog post. I will be posting all sorts of things such as tennis, tips, and of course skincare.

I love trying different brands and combining all sorts of skincare. It really is what works best for you, what mood you’re in, what your needs are at the time, and of course your schedule. I love Ready 24 because I am constantly on the move and traveling. I like active skincare that goes with me. So, I thought it would be fitting to debut my blog by focusing on my favorite products to use while traveling!

As a professional tennis player on the WTA Tour, I travel constantly. I am at home for a month at most sometimes. During the pandemic this year I was home for about 3-4 months, which was the most time I’ve spent home since probably my hip surgery in 2017. To be honest, I don’t necessarily LOVE traveling. I appreciate it and it is fun, but there are times where I want to be home more than anything. Over the years, I have learned to prepare much better; prepare for tennis, prepare my body, my skin, my mind and anything that helps me get through long stretches away from home or long travel days. Sometimes, little things can really help lessen the grind of a travel trip, work trip, or just a long day. This is really what inspired Ready 24 and hopefully I can keep bringing more products that fit that lifestyle to you guys! I love trying other brands (who doesn’t) and draw a lot of inspiration from them. Plus, I don’t think anyone should limit themselves to one thing, especially with the amount of skincare/beauty products out there! So, below are some other brands and products that I love to use when traveling. Send me some of your favorites so I can try them out!

These are staples for me! The Essence Spray is refreshing during flights and after. I can even spray it on a towel, cotton pad, or even a paper towel/tissue and use it as a cleansing spray when I can’t wash my face. The Moisturizing stick is perfect for when my skin gets horribly dry when flying. This keeps me hydrated which leads to less breakouts. Win/Win.

For when you’re running through the airport or break into an uncomfortable sweat after carrying too many bags. Gross but we’ve all been there. They don’t dry out your skin either.

Kopari Coconut Body Wipes

I love Supergoop and no matter what, I apply sunscreen every day. I mix my sunscreens up a lot, but here are a few of my faves. They don’t contain oxybenzone (which harms the oceans reefs) and are cruelty free.

These make taking products, medicine, accessories, or anything way more fun and stylish! Plus, you can see what is in the bag instead of rummaging through a bottomless pit in your purse. They come in different sizes and colors. I have a few different styles but I like these for my purse when traveling.

A great Instagram find, these are really cute little containers that are magnetic, so they all stick together. I use them for vitamins, gum, jewelry and shampoo/conditioner. Small and fit in your purse while being super secure so nothing will leak.

When I travel and get that gross greasy feeling… my hair is the first thing to go. It looks like I went swimming when in fact I just tried to survive a 20-hour trip.

Ok, everyone asks me what this is when I am traveling. It is the best neck pillow ever. It is long and you can wrap it around your neck multiple times and there are a million other ways to sleep in it. My go-to is wrapping it around my neck and hanging my arms on it (especially in a middle seat on the plane).

I tried these for the first-time last year and loved them. They actually work surprisingly well and hold up during exercise (depending on how much you’re doing). I always have my hair up from playing tennis so when I am not working out or playing, I try to keep my hair down as much as possible for my hair health and less ponytail headaches. When I am traveling these are perfect because it doesn’t pull your hair but still keeps it out of the way.